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SQL 2014 LocalDB Cannot connect

If any of you have the error trying to connect to the SQL Server LocalDB using (localdb)\V12.0. and failed, looks like MS had moved away from numbering the automatic instances and started naming it as “MSSQLLocalDB” so instead of using the above what you have to use is below: (localdb)\MSSQLLocalDB Posted by Microsoft on 5/19/2014 at […]

Scott Guthrie Announces the WebsiteSpark Program

Scott guthrie just did a great announcement about the WebsiteSpark Program. what is WebsiteSpark? WebsiteSpark is designed for independent web developers and web development companies that build web applications and web sites on behalf of others.  It enables you to get software, support and business resources from Microsoft at no cost for three years, and […]

100 % CPU SQL Server 2005, Server crashes!

Ah back to my blog. well these days I’m on holidays for Sinhala/ Tamil New year in Sri Lanka. so anyway let met start with wishing all Sinhala  and Tamil Friends A HAPPY NEW YEAR. Lets get back to business, its been a long time since my last post, as usual busy schedules (i know, […]

Uploading Binary files or Images using LINQ to SQL

Today I received an email from a friend, asking how to save a binary file in to the database using LINQ to SQL.  This was the second time a person had asked me the same question, So I thought of having a blog entry about it. Assume that we need to upload a file  and […]

The FILESTREAM Data Type in SQL Server 2008

Seriously, i’ve no time these days for blogging, busy with work as well as personal activities. but just wanted to share this valuable information for those who might have missed. Well the current project which im working on is the ASSETTE Presentations. for more information on the project you can see the above link. but […]

SQL Server 2008 Table Valued Parameters

Last two weeks I have been working on developing bulk data manipulations. And even before that I always wondered “What’s the best way to pass an array of values into a SQL Server stored procedure.” One option I found was OPENXML, which I blogged here. And I was trying out visual studio 2008 and SQL […]

ADO.Net & OPENXML to Perform Bulk Database Operations

Last week at my work I had to write a tool to process few hundreds of thousand email files and insert their details to the MS SQL Server 2005 database. Doing it in traditional way might require much connectivity to the database and will consume many resources. I was wondering what if I could insert […]