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Create Excel Sheets Programmatically with C# without Installing Excel.

Here goes one more needy component for developers. a lot of developers always had a problem of exporting data to excel programmatically. if you Google this topic you will get many results regarding this. here are some which caught my eyes. How To Use ADO.NET to Retrieve and Modify Records in an Excel Workbook With […]

SQL Server 2008 Table Valued Parameters

Last two weeks I have been working on developing bulk data manipulations. And even before that I always wondered “What’s the best way to pass an array of values into a SQL Server stored procedure.” One option I found was OPENXML, which I blogged here. And I was trying out visual studio 2008 and SQL […]

ADO.Net & OPENXML to Perform Bulk Database Operations

Last week at my work I had to write a tool to process few hundreds of thousand email files and insert their details to the MS SQL Server 2005 database. Doing it in traditional way might require much connectivity to the database and will consume many resources. I was wondering what if I could insert […]